Quiche XL with brie, broccoli and cashew nuts

Quiche XL with brie, broccoli and cashew nuts
Makes: 1 tray measuring 30x50x5 cm
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 600 gr flour
  • 10 gr salt
  • 300 gr cold butter
  • 3 egg
  • 1 kg onions
  • 25 gr garlic
  • 1.5 kg broccoli
  • 400 gr cashew nuts
  • 600 gr grilled bell peppers.
  • 15 eggs
  • 1000 ml cream
  • 500 gr milk
  • 600 gr brie
  1. Mix flour and salt. Dice the cold butter. Add butter to flour and rub it into flour until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the eggs and just enough cold water to bring the dough together. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 30 minutes before rolling out.
  2. Roll out the pastry to fit into the greased tart or pie pan. When the pastry is rolled to the desired size, lightly roll pastry around your rolling pin. Unroll onto the top of your tart or pie pan. Roll your rolling pin over top of pan to get rid of excess pastry. Cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes to chill the butter and to rest the pastry.
  3. Preheat oven to 180 °C and place rack in centre of oven. With a fork, prick the bottom of the dough (this will prevent the dough from puffing up as it bakes). Line the unbaked pastry shell with parchment paper or aluminium foil. Fill tart or pie pan with uncooked rice or dried beans. Bake crust for about 15 minutes or until the crust is dry and lightly browned. Remove weights and cool crust on wire rack.
  4. Cut the broccoli in florets and cook them in lightly salted water until just cooked. Refresh under cold water, drain and set aside for later.
  5. Dice the onion and garlic and sweat them off until just cooked. Season to taste and set aside.
  6. Slice the brie. Drain the grilled bell peppers.
  1. Add the onion, garlic, broccoli, cashew nuts and grilled bell peppers to the prebaked pastry cases.
  2. Mix eggs with cream and seasoning and pour that in the pastry case. Cover with the brie.
  3. Bake the quiche in the oven at 180 °C for 25 min or until the eggs have set. Let cool for a couple of minutes and serve.
Stuff to know
This quantity will fill a standard 2-inch gastro tray measuring 30x50x5 cm.
It is recommended to make the dough in a food processor. Combine the flour and salt in the bowl of the machine and add the really cold and diced butter as well as the eggs. Beat on a low setting until the mixture starts to look like fine breadcrumbs. Add some ice-cold water if the mixture is too dry and pulse the machine until the dough just comes together and becomes cohesive. Shape into a disc and refrigerate until needed. Do not overwork the pastry or it will be tough.
Resting the pastry after making and lining the tin will avoid it from braking and makes it easier to handle.
Baking the crust before adding the filling, known as blind baking, will reduce the chance of having an under-cooked and soggy base.
The quiche is done when a knife inserted in centre comes out clean.